The Travails of Picking the Right Outfit for That Trip to the Movies

When young folks go off on their dates they inevitably spend much time trying to think of just what they will wear.  It’s really such a difficult decision for them.  They want to wear something that makes them look pretty while feeling comfortable.  They also want something their date will admire; this is a little harder since they must guess their date’s tastes.  Then they want something that shows they are in style and up to date with the latest fashions.  All in all, the selection can be excruciating for one who is hoping to impress somebody while not compromising themselves.


All this is made just a little easier since fashion styles for going to a cinema to see the latest film doesn’t require the same degree of dressing up as it once did; you can dress much more casually and relaxed than your parents did.  But you still want to look sharp, even if it’s just casually sharp when you stroll into the theater.  And if you’ve gotten your tickets from Fandango you don’t even have to worry about things like how you look standing in line, or how your new date might think of you while you’re waiting.  Instead you can just usher her into the theater, hand the usher the tickets you’ve purchased from Fandango with a Groupon coupon.  You can relax knowing you got them at a discount that got you a dinner and movie gift card.    And the two of you can sit back and enjoy the latest first run film production.


Not only can you be comfortable on a movie date at the theater, but you also have the chance to share a dinner as well.  Such an experience helps you make a good impression.  While your dress style and fashion will make a good first impression, you should always remember that your behavior and actions will stick in your date’s mind and have the long-lasting impact.  Having the best seats for the first-run movie in hand so you don’t have to stand in a line outside a ticket booth on a cold winter evening in the snow lets your date know you aren’t only thoughtful but sophisticated enough to think ahead and prepare for the occasion.  It can make the right impression by showing that you are a person of substance as well as style.


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